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Win Rent S.p.A., franchised dealer in Italy of the Sixt Rent a Car trademark, has its registered office in Bolzano, Corso Italia 17 and administrative headquarters in Fiumicino, Viale delle Arti123. The Company provides short term self-drive car hire service.

The Safeguard of Privacy relates to the personal data provided by the customer  in order to complete and sign the rental agreement contract in accordance with the procedures explained below.

The Safeguard of Privacy described in the present document is not referred to Win Rent S.p.A.’s employees’ personal data, but exclusively to Win Rent S.p.a.’s customers.

In order to provide its car rental service Win Rent S.p.A. collects from the customer the required details, and in particular the following data:

  • Name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address, date and place of birth, driving license details, passport and/or ID details, credit cards necessary to process the payment.
  • Employer (company’s details), employee identification number and/or employee number in order to apply the corporate rates and for the correct invoicing.
  • Information regarding the eventual membership to clubs, societies, or fidelity programs so that the agreed special rates and invoicing can be applied.
  • Details regarding place, date and time of collection and return of the rental vehicle, airline details and arrival flight number.
  • Information on any event and/or accident taking place during the rental period (including those of the counterparties or third parties involved in the event).

The information mentioned above is collected by Win Rent S.p.a. through:

  • Websites and apps run by Win Rent S.p.A. and/or affiliated to the international Sixt circuit.
  • Phone conversations between the Customer and the Win Rent S.p.A’s reservation departments and/or         assistance centres, or the international Sixt circuit.
  • Sixt national and international rental agreements taking place.
  • Subscription forms received for registrations to the Sixt fidelity programs.
  • Websites and reservation software used by travel agencies and/or tour operators OTA (Online Travel           Agencies), GDS (Global District System), corporate business travel agencies.
  • Records or statements regarding events or accidents connected to the rentals.


For the management policy regarding cookies used directly by Win Rent Spa or third parties reference should be made to the section of the site accessible through the following link: .

The Win rent S.p.A. and Sixt International Circuit websites, together with the html e-mails, might contain links to websites run by third parties which co-operate with Sixt or Win Rent spa. Win Rent S.p.A. has no control or access to data and information gathered by these third party run websites; therefore, the procedures used by the third party websites for the handling of personal will be available for the user to view and eventually accept on each occasion.

The Customer’s personal data will only be kept on file in case these might be required, however, not for any longer than the maximum time period allowed by the current regulations.

A wide range of safety regulations and procedures have been put in place by Win Rent S.p.A. to protect the personal data collected from the possibility of  unlawful use, sharing, alteration, loss, destruction or to be accessed by unauthorized third parties. The access to the data is permitted exclusively to those who have the absolute necessity of making use of these to provide a requested service. It must be made clear, however, that even with all the possible precautions taken, no existing filing or transmission system can prevent the possibility of loss, interception, or unauthorized use of the communicated data (i.e. Postal service, telephone, fax and internet communications).

The customers’ personal data can be forwarded to third parties including: local or national authorities and law enforcement agencies, long-term car rental companies, insurance companies, credit card circuits, agencies and/or companies which are part of the international Sixt circuit, debt recovery agencies and companies providing to Win Rent S.p.A. marketing services. The forwarded data will be exclusively used to carry out all those required previously agreed activities and always in accordance with the present Privacy regulations.

The personal data collected by Win Rent S.p.a. will be mainly used for the reservation process and the rental service, to provide customer assistance and to draw up all the financial and fiscal documentation. Some of the above mentioned services might be provided by collaborating or subsidiary companies of Win Rent S.p.a. Once the customer provides the personal data to make a reservation or to start a rental agreement; the customer then accepts and authorizes the use of the data based on the indications and information presented in this paragraph. The personal data and details of the credit card used for the payment might need to be forwarded to the Credit Card provider or to affiliated companies. Win Rent S.p.a. is authorized to communicate the customer’s personal data:

  • To safeguard the company’s business and trading activity  
  • For the purpose of limiting any issues or damages that might occur through neglect or curtailment of any of the regulations pertaining to the rental agreement
  • to implement the debts recovery
  • to allow the solving of criminal acts of any nature in collaboration with official law enforcement and administration agencies (i.e. embezzlement, theft)
  • for communications related to acquisitions and/or corporate disposals or transfer of undertakings; in the context of possible corporate transactions, including partnerships or investments in companies or in the event that other companies acquire financial interests of Win Rent S.p.A. for which personal data could be included as commercial goods to be transferred. The mentioned data transfers however, will always take place in compliance with the Privacy Regulations.

For the above mentioned purposes it will be possible to communicate the personal data to third parties (i.e. Law enforcement agencies, debt recovery agencies, long-term rental companies, insurance companies) without prior notice.

In case of data for marketing or commercial purposes the customer will always have the possibility of choosing to accept to authorize the use of personal data. The collection and the use of the data is finalized to the proposal of programs and commercial offers or mobility services. The authorization from the customer will therefore determine the eventual commercial contact for:

  • a variety of communications from our company through the sending of newsletters (commercial programs, offers, promotions etc…) with contents related to commercial offers, promotions regarding Win Rent S.p.aA's initiatives or initiatives by its commercial partners.


Win Rent S.p.A. does not collect nor makes use of any sensible data of its customers.

Win Rent S.p.A. applies the maximum diligence in making sure the collected data is always correct and updated for the required purposes.

However, wherever a mistake or a missed update might take place, the customer will be able to request access to his or her personal data, and will have the possibility of amending any incorrect details and/or be informed of what the data is being used for. In these circumstances the customer will need to send the eventual requests directly to the Win Rent S.p.A.’s head office at the address mentioned in the first paragraph.

The Win Rent S.p.A. Privacy Policy is available online by following the link on the website. Win Rent S.p.a. reserves the right to amend in future the current Privacy Policy conforming to the laws in force.

The holder of the management of collected personal data is Win Rent S.p.A. with registered office in Bolzano, Corso Italia n. 17.